This is a space where I can let all you see what me and clients...or my new friends have been working so hard on! You will see the beginning of love stories, celebrations of marriage, some amazing styled shoots, and even some family memories of my own with my lover and littles! I hope you find this space inspiring and can feel all the love. 


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July 26, 2018

horsehoe bend, idaho – sunrise engagements – janie + garrett

We danced around, laughed too much, and watched the beautiful sunrise turn the sky from a sea of pastel colors into the crisp blue morning sky. Janie and Garrett are too freaking cute to put into words! We drove up to horseshoe bend together for an amazing sunrise session, and it did not disappoint. The whole time we could not stop laughing, I guess we were all a little bit delusional from waking up at the butt crack of dawn. But I am to say that we came back with no snake bites, no cow turds on our shoes, only one little fall (my camera and lens are safe! butt…a little bruised), and some amazing engagement pictures! I can’t wait to take their bridals in the following weeks and then wedding in September!!


I love sunrise sessions! Yes, they are early but the creamy sky and the brisk morning air makes for some of the best pictures! Let’s chat and get your sunrise session planned!

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