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June 29, 2018

A 49th Year Anniversary Session- My Papa & Grandma

“Love is Eternal”

June 28, 1968. A young man and woman were married right out of high school in California. They are my grandparents. My Papa would say they were young and dumb, but my Grandma would correct him by saying AND in love haha. I had gone over to help my grandma get ready for their session with me. As I was doing her hair and makeup, she told me the story of how they met at a costume party back in the day on October 21. My Grandma, being the hippy she was came…well as a hippy! Apparently she never wore shoes back then haha. But somehow one thing led to another and that hippy fell in love with papa. After my grandparents had been married for some time now and with 2 kids, they were introduced to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints by some friends of theirs. It took some time but they decided to be sealed for time and all eternity as a family. On their wedding day tho, my Grandma had given my Papa his ring, and inside it was written. “Love is eternal”. My grandparents knew back then that they wanted to make it work, and that if something is broken. You don’t throw it away, you fix it. To be a forever couple is what they planned on being even as little teenagers.

Fast forward to today. June 28, 2018. Their 49th wedding anniversary. They did not spend it extravagantly. No cruise. No fancy dinner. No night out on the town. But they did spend it together doing what I think they are best at. Supporting each other and cheering the other one. You see, last week my sweet Papa had to have pacemaker put in…grandma apparently loved his heart too much that he needed some extra pep! And a couple days ago Grandma had a hip surgery. Today they spent it together. The way my Papa loves my Grandma, well I haven’t seen a man more devoted to his wife than him. They have been through A LOT! Good times, hard times, sad times, exciting times, and there are still plenty of more times to be had.

So today, I want to wish my Papa and Grandma a whole lot of love on their anniversary! It may not have been grand, like a Disney cruise but they can say they made it another year. Together.

No matter the year, love should be celebrated year after year! To remember every season of the marriage. Let’s get your anniversary session booked!


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